Google My Business

google-places-logo-blog[1] The most important thing do to to make your business visible on the web is to be found in Google Searches & On Maps.

Google can be confusing, with google maps, google plus, local, places, organic search, adwords, webmaster tools, analytics...

Fortunately lately google has simplified the process, try it yourself if you wish, click 'get on google' after signing in at business

This listing will be important to your business so it is best to ensure that it is done properly, get guidance from someone who has done it before, email me your business details and I will check for any existing listings and advise you on updating or if your business is not found on google I will advise on submitting and verifying your listing.

I can show you how to use google webmastertools to look for any problems with your web site and submit a site map to google.

With google analytics I can show you how many visitors your website receives and where they come from.

Keywords are what potent customers will search for when needing your services, again with help from google I can show you those phrase we should target. Facebook-seo[1]

Social Media

I can also advise on other "social media" type pages that will help you, such as  tripadvisor facebook and twitter.