eEasy is now using Cloudflare

To further supercharge your website eEasy is now using Cloudflare

Cloudflare is designed to accelerate and secure your website.

It provides content delivery network services that cut in half the average page load time.

Also an extra layer of security is added, before serving your site Cloudflare will scan to see if the visitor appears to be a threat based on a number of characteristics including the visitor's IP address, what resource they are requesting, what payload they are posting, and how frequently they're making requests. The combination of these systems means that they detect malicious visitors and stop them before they even get to our web server.

The combination of Lightningbase's WordPress optimised servers and Cloudflare's content delivery network enables eEasy to continue to provide first class hosting at an affordable price and this addition demonstrates my ongoing commitment to ensuring our web management service is the best it can be.